Valdivia provides earthquake disaster responders with a reliable communications network that allows them to coordinate and operate efficiently.

Praxis Audio

Praxis Audio reinvents the sound and look of home audio systems. Using large wall mounted vibrating panels the fidelity is unparalleled. A gesture controlled interface allows you to control your music like a conductor controls a symphony.

Play Shell

Bring play into underutilized urban spaces. Play Shell uses a generative algorithm to generate unique play structures specific for each location.

Hybrid Watch

Embracing both digital and analog technologies, Hybrid is a departure from current smart devices. Providing clear focused information when needed and unobtrusive when not.


Inspired by the beauty and resilience of sponge lattices, Cellular phone case combines advances in additive manufacturing with biomimicry. Optimized to provide maximum protection with minimal material use.



A guided breathing instructor, Anahata helps reduce stress during yoga and everyday life by guiding the user through a regiment of breathing exercises that promote mindfulness and lessen anxiety.

Google Switch

Google Switch simplifies making things “smart”. Integrated into the Google home ecosystem this smart outlet can remotely turn on any device, light, or appliance without any complicated setup or installation.


Designed for collaborative work, Piknic is a work table made from laminated wood. The panel in the center allows for easy cable management and its flat pack design allows for easy assembly.

Parametric Studies

Using the software Grasshopper, Parametric Studies is a collection of projects that use the power of generative design. Each object is defined by a parametric equation.

Rubber Band Car

Designed for ArtCenter’s Formula E competition, this rubber band car is powered by a 14ft. rubber band.

Parley Bag

The Parley Everyday Carry is a tote for everyday life. Easily carried and always accessible. Made from recycled ocean plastics the everyday carry makes it easy to say not to bags at the checkout counter.